My Heart

I just have a few things to say tonight. Nothing big by way of updates…

First, I’m already in love with our adoptive kids. I don’t know who they are… If they are little or big… If they are shy or outgoing… If their parents are still alive or not. All I know is that I love them.

Also, my heart aches more and more every day for them to be home. As an adopted kid myself, I never could fathom how this would feel. But now that I’m going through it, I feel this overwhelming ache. It literally feels as though my heart is missing a piece of it. Like it won’t be whole until we bring our kids home. And I know this must be how our loving God feels when we aren’t walking with him. All I can think is “why aren’t you here with me now?!” and we’ve only just begun.

I wake up in the middle of the night with the urgent feeling of needing to pray for my kids NOW. So i do. And I lose that sleep. And I toss and turn when I realize they don’t even know someone loves them this much.

All I know is God has the perfect kids picked for our family right now. They will be the best fit for us. And it may be a long wait and a difficult transition but it’s worth it. Charlie will love her siblings. Caleb is going to be an incredibly proud daddy to his newest additions. I will be more full of love than I ever have been.

And you know what?? God will be glorified in this. And he will be honored by this. And He will get all the praise… No matter what happens.

Well, that’s all for now. I pray that you too will be filled with love and the desire to pray for our kids.

– Laura


2 thoughts on “My Heart

  1. Definitely will be praying for your kiddos! Lots of questions on your mind and understandable so. Just keep trusting Him, cause He already has all all the answers! Love you sweetie, you are a GREAT Mom! God is good all the time!

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