We Saw Jesus

When we had Charlie, our condo became too small too fast. So we sold the condo and bought a house that was bigger than we needed at the moment with the thought that someday we would have more kids. That was 4 months ago. Now our home will be able to hold all of our kids!

Then we had bought a “practical” car when we downsized to a Subaru Forrester. Practical it was but little did we know that just four months later we would need to start looking for something bigger. When we started our adoption process every time we rode in my little red car we noticed how increasingly small it was starting to feel. The dogs barely fit now when we would go on family outings let alone if we were to add one maybe two kids!! There was no way we’d be able to add anyone else in the car with one more carseat either!

So the search began. And we looked… and looked… and looked… and looked… and looked… and looked. We even looked at options in another state! But we finally decided to go visit a few dealerships close by with the intention of driving a couple that we had already looked at. At the final dealership we checked out the used vehicles that we came to see and decided that they just weren’t the right fit… So before leaving we chatted with the salesman about any other options they might have and were able to tell him why we were purchasing a bigger vehicle.

When he told us they did have one other vehicle he thought we should look at but it was $7,000 outside of our budget, Caleb and I naturally said, we can’t afford that so we shouldn’t even look. The salesman very politely (not in a typical pushy way) told us to look at it any way and maybe they could work something out

We went to look thinking that regardless of how much they could help us out we could still not afford it…

We looked.

We saw.

We loved.

We were disappointed that we couldn’t afford it.

A few minutes later the salesman came out to talk with us about the price. We told him what our budget was… we explained we couldn’t go any higher… skeptically watched him walk away as he went to talk with the owner.

No more than five minutes later he said, “Well, if you want it, it’s yours.”

I could feel the oxygen getting sucked out of my lungs quickly. “There’s no way you can do that!” I exclaimed.

Caleb asked him some questions and we found out that they were going to give us more than what we should have gotten on our Subaru and they were going to sell us the Suburban for less than wholesale. And he said they were going to do that because the owner heard our adoption story and wanted to help us in the process.

I cried multiple times that day. This was how the body of Christ was intended to function. This was what we were made to do for others. And this was how we saw Jesus. They practically gave us this vehicle that was nicer than we thought we would ever be able to get and it was more than we could have ever deserved.

We are so excited to have a vehicle that will hold our whole family when we get to bring the rest of our kids home! And every time I see our “new” used Suburban I think about the owner and salesman who were willing to be Jesus to us. They are just one of the ways that God has gone above and beyond providing for the adoption so far.

And we are blessed that we could see Jesus in a tangible way… I don’t think I had seen Him so tangibly in such a long time.


2 thoughts on “We Saw Jesus

  1. So happy that God provided exactly what you needed at the right cost. He always has the perfect plan. So glad that you see His blessings, and acknowledge them. God is good all the time!

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