Hold My Breath

When you are adopting and you hear those words “there is a waiting referral available”, your heart tends to stop. We heard those words today and my brain hasn’t stopped spinning. Let me explain what that means before I get too far into all that “feely” stuff. 

A waiting referral is a child, or sibling group, that is waiting for a family. Seems simple enough, right? Well, let me explain a little further… sometimes these children have been passed up by other families (for health reasons, gender wishes or whatever else the family decides) and sometimes they just haven’t found the right fit for them. So when someone says there is a waiting referral that means you are that much closer to getting to read a name (or two) that might end up being part of your family. However, that also means that the next family that is available for that/those child(ren) will probably end up being their family.

So today I heard the words “there is a 2 & 4 year old waiting referral available”. Hm. Interesting. At first I thought, well there’s no way that we would be able to get these kids as our referral. So I ignored it and went on with my day. I went to take a nap while my sweet girl was napping when I realized that I hadn’t even told Caleb. Then my mind started to swirl. 

A waiting referral. For a 2 & 4 year old. A waiting referral. Shoot. I got up from what would have been my nap and went to tell Caleb.

Caleb told me to email our agency to see what they had to say about it and to ask questions about them… 

I did immediately. 

Now my heart is racing, my brain is swirling and my hands are shaking.

Who knows? Maybe they are the kids that God has for us, maybe they aren’t. But either way you look at it, I have an opportunity. I can pray. I can hope. I can dream. Not for myself but for these kids. Of course, in the back of my head I keep thinking “God let them be our kids!” and in my heart I hear Him saying back “They are My kids. You are My kids. Pray for them.” 

So tonight, tomorrow and the next few days, wherever you are at please join us in praying for that 2 & 4 year old in the orphanage in the Congo. Join me in hoping for their futures in their families. Pray that God would fill their hearts and that they would be drawn closer to Him. Because if they have Him, that’s all they need.

Besides, while I’m praying, I will hold my breath and hope for my kids to be held by Him even after they get home.


(And if this is how I act after every time I hear there is a waiting referral, I’m in trouble! But there will be a lot of sweet kids being prayed for) 


6 thoughts on “Hold My Breath

  1. Yay! I was chatting with Caleb after church today and asked how the adoption process was going. So neat that you heard that news today!! I’ll be praying for those kids and your kids (maybe the same kids! They will get extra prayers!) and my future kids. God willing we will be sharing notes soon. ❤

  2. Love your perspective-asking us to pray regardless of where they are heading! I will be praying for the children, Caleb and you and for little Charlie too.
    I find all this heart warming, as I remember visiting an orphanage in Africa and loving on a few children and how their hearts and mine broke as I left the place. I am glad God is giving you the heart and the opportunity to love one of His own.

    Sheila A

    • Thank you! I appreciate your willingness to pray for these kids. Somewhere there is a family that they will go to be with, maybe ours, maybe not. Either way, I am thankful to know that there are people praying for these little ones 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us. This is exciting news, and you have the right attitude to pray for these kids and their future. God is at work in and through you. He has the right family for you (maybe even these kids). Just keep praying because He never fails us. I promise I will add these kiddos to my prayer list! We love you all!

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