The Apparent Project

Look what I just got in the mail today!


Yep, it’s a bit confusing when you look at the picture, right?! But how about this one??


Pretty cool, huh?! They’re paper bead bracelets made in Haiti by parents or siblings who are trying to keep they’re kids (or siblings) and fight the orphan crisis while there, in country! They are also individuals who are trying to earn money to go to school or start a business and become self sufficient. So, the best thing about this is that they do this to raise funds for themselves while also allowing people to raise funds for whatever the cause may be! You can check more information out here at

Each bracelet is made by someone specific. You can see his or her picture and story on the tag that is connected to these beautiful bracelets.


This is Kaliko’s story: “Kaliko is a hard working young man who wants to use his earnings to support his mother and his six brothers and sisters. He also would like to finish school. He is our class clown of artisans and a joy to be around.”


This is Victoria. “Victoria has two beautiful children and is raising them by herself. She would like to use her earnings to pay for them to both stay in school and help her family. She is twenty two years old.”

I have 500 stories just like these sitting in our family room. They are all unique beads and the stories are all special to these individuals. Would you consider supporting them as well as our adoption?

50% of the proceeds will go towards the people making these bracelets and 50% will be going towards bringing our boys home. So we will be selling each of these bracelets for $8 a piece. If we can sell all 500 of these we will be sending $2000.00 to Haiti and $2000.00 will be going to our adoption.

Please consider purchasing one of these bracelets! And then spread the word! I think if we all share this with our friends we would be able to sell 500. Here’s the catch: we only have 6 weeks to sell each of these bracelets. So by June 11th, we will need to pack up any remaining bracelets and the money raised for them sent back to Haiti.

If you would like to order any bracelets please comment or you can send me an email at

Thanks again everyone for your love and support! Let’s bring our kiddos home!!


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