Trusting for Provision

**For the safety of this adoption process and the sake of not ruining our chances to adopt, please do not share ask for anymore information on our adoption unless we are face to face. We cannot let certain details be put out over the internet without sacrificing our ability to adopt from the DRC. Thank you for understanding.**

As of almost a month ago, Caleb, Charlie and I received and accepted a referral! This referral was for 1 child – no more, no less. Honestly, when we received the referral and saw the picture for the first time, I had the same exact feeling I had when I first saw Charlie’s sweet face in the 3D ultrasound. Caleb and I were reviewing the referral over the phone with our emails opened and we prayed that God would give us wisdom… but all we could do was say “Yes!!”. We were thrilled that we had one kid that we were officially working to bring home. 

However, that didn’t change the feeling that we were called to adopt 2 kids… So, I emailed our agency rep and asked her if there were any other kids that might be waiting for a forever family, they didn’t have to be related. She responded quickly and said that she would look into it.

The next day, on the way home from running errands, Caleb and I were chatting about our referred child and I clearly remember asking him how he felt about the process. His response was one that I was feeling as well, “I’m so excited but I was hoping for two.” I agreed and we continued on our way home.

Five minutes later we were home and I was checking my email. There it was a second referral! We reviewed it, talked, prayed, and accepted it. So we were all of a sudden a married couple with one biological little girl and two kids that we could put names and faces to that we were fighting to make a part of our family. 

That fight is not an easy one. And there are different things that come along with accepting two referrals of kids who are not related, one of which is that it makes the adoption process more expensive. Instead of adopting a sibling group which would then give a discounted price through the agency, we are adopting two separate non related kids that are both the same price as a single adoption.

What we had fundraised for before, what God had provided for before, was just enough to get us through the referral side of things. Now that we are here at this point in time, we feel a strong calling to continue on. We fully believe and trust that God is calling us to trust Him all the more. We know that He has brought these two referrals into our life so that we can trust that He will provide the money that we need, when we need it. That being said, we have a huge task at hand. One that I know God will provide for in ways that we could never imagine. 

You know that phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, in our case it may take a village just to bring home our children. We have gone from being completely fundraised to needing $15,000.00. You read that right, $15,000.00. We will be doing that in a couple of different ways and we are asking you to share this with everyone you know. Tell them what we are doing. Tell them who we are fighting for. Tell them that there are 153 million orphans in the world and we are trying to make that two less. But we can’t do this without you. Pray for ways to help. Pray to see if God is asking you to donate towards bringing these kids home. Pray for people to rise up and join us in our adoption. Pray that God would provide exactly what we need, when we need it.

There are a couple different fundraisers that we are going to be doing. One of which just arrived here at our home (YAY). And four of which are being planned for as we speak. But as I get all of our ducks in a row, I will be posting about each specific fundraising option. Please keep your eyes open and pass these posts along. If we could get 500 people to donate $30 each, whether it is through a fundraiser or through donating just because they would like to. 

Thank you for your support this far and thank you for continuing to support us as we go!


**Just a reminder, we cannot release anymore information on our referrals than I have already given you. Please, if you have any questions about our adoption, approach Caleb or I in person. We also will have to filter what we can say face to face as well.**


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