Who Are We?

Hi! We are the Walker family – Caleb (my husband), Charlie (2), Hazel (infant), and me (Laura). We originally started this blog as a way to update people on what was going on in our international adoption hat we were pursuing. Since then, I have realized that I am HORRIBLE at writing on just one thing. So instead of being consistent in writing about our adoption I would just ignore the blog and let it go into “the world of forgotten blogs”. God has really moved inside of me to show me: (a) I really need to blog in order to function and not go crazy 100% of the time, (b) He does more in our lives than just work through adoption, (c) there is a lot that happens in my life as a mom that others can relate to, and (d) I can honor Him through my writing. So, now this blog is about my family and how we function (or don’t function) in this crazy life that we live.

Let me start by introducing my family…

Yep... that's a workout selfie... no, I do not workout 24/7. But let's face it, I don't take many pictures of myself.

Yep… that’s a workout selfie… no, I do not workout 24/7. But let’s face it, I don’t take many pictures of myself.


First there’s me. I love my family and am a stay at home mom. I love sushi, wine, ice cream, my dogs, and  I am trying my hardest to learn what it means to love God first before my family. I’m not very good at this yet and I know I mess up on a regular basis. I tried gardening this year and it was a massive fail but I am going to keep trying until I get it right because I want SO badly to be that mom. I like to dream about decorating my home. And honestly, I am just trying to get by on God’s good grace and mercy because let’s face it: I am not perfect and I never will be.







Yes, Caleb is the one jumping off the ledge, on our wedding day, in the middle of a Montana winter wearing Chacos (hiking sandals).

Yes, Caleb is the one jumping off the ledge, on our wedding day, in the middle of a Montana winter wearing Chacos (hiking sandals).


Next there is my amazingly wonderful, fully goofy, and sometimes maddening (mainly because I’m a control freak) husband, Caleb. He is a, born and raised, Montana man who loves all things fun… hunting, golfing, camping, slack lining, climbing, jumping, playing music, being silly… He also runs our gourmet coffeehouse, is a middle school youth pastor, an AMAZING dad of 2 adorable girls, and a handyman extrordinaire (I mean, he builds BEAUTIFUL rustic furniture, my friends)! Most of all, Caleb is my best friend.











Our adorable Charlie

Our adorable Charlie


Then there is Charlie… she is my wildly passionate, overly stubborn, very opinionated, 2 year old little girl. She is my twin by looks only and is 100% her daddy when it comes to her personality and energy!






Little bitty baby Hazel. (Awwww)

Little bitty baby Hazel. (Awwww)




And last but definitely not least, there is sweet baby Hazel. She is my little bitty baby girl who loves to snuggle and sleep… only in the day of course. She looks just like her daddy and I am hoping she stays mellow for the rest of her life. I really cannot get over her incredible snuggles!


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